maanantai 5. toukokuuta 2014

body image

I have been wondering my relationship with my body. We all have (almost) pics in our head, what it should look like, what we think that we look like...and then, what we really look like.

I thought that more now, because I have my training class through web cam. I can see my trainer and he/she can see me. My own pic is guite small in my laptop (TG) and my trainers is almost full screen. So, how do I look behind he´s/she´s cam? And why I wonder this.. my kettlebell trainer is so damn fit :D and good looking. So, do I look like hippo with my kettleball? :D Yes, I´m only woman and I do believe, that this is guite normal way of thinking. But usually, our mind in any situation warps our own image.

Next pics I drew with my phone, so no art there.. just my point.

How do I want to look like (that´s my kettlebell in my hand)

How do I think I look like

And how do I look like.

I dont know. I really dont know. I haven´t took time or I dont have courage to be honest. Maybe...I´m ok? Or there´s something that I dont like and dont know what to do. Am I too old to do something? And really....what do I want. I need to change that guestion mark to something real, be gentle to myself, too? Last days I have been harsh. And my stomach flu didnt help a bit. 

So, next task is... be realistic with your image. And if it loos good, say it, too! Dont always look for those bad things. There just has to be something positive, too. <--that was for me ;)

So, in next post my mission is to write something good, from my body. Which I´m happy about. You too, do that same?

with love

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  1. Maarit... I have missed you... I am still on a blog break but reading from time to time... we need to start seeing out bodies the way they really are and not the way our warped mind sees it... I will catch up with you soon... I hope to be back before too long...

    1. Launna, I have missed you too! HopeI have missed you too! Hope your brake is Going well? Take your time dear, so your mind is ready again:) I'm gonna be right here! 💜


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