maanantai 19. toukokuuta 2014

after the storm

I saw thunder, I saw lightning, I felt storm. I heard rain, I heard hail..and I´m still alive :)
Yes, here was powerful storm and ended just one hour ago. It was so beautiful! And I totally respect it. The power of mother nature is huge! 

Now, as I sit here, in back terrace...sun came here too.. birds are singing, that danger over! And this tropical atmosphere is so...summery! It´s +31 c now and very moist... reminds me little, when I was in Spain... but now, here, in Finland! That´s new ;).

I just love this after storm feeling!

This part is written little later and with my phone. Dont mind if this looks different.
As I sit at the backterrace now, I enjoy this cooler air and total awesomeness of living in country. Nature is going to sleep, accept those, who hunt at night. Shift change! 

From the shadows some birds are having talk with eachothers, maybe talking about nesting ... Dont know :)

I also had Yoga earlier, and I took my mat and laptop outside. That was just after today's storm. And I have to say: Doing yoga outside is just pure joy! Both dogs were with me, and they let me do my thing in peace. Too tired to nothing more than sleep. Thunder took it's taxes. 

So, good day was yours?

Following pic is from where I did Yoga. Not bad at all!
And one is from window during rain:)

with Love

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  1. I like a really good thunder and lightening storm... especially when I am home... even better if it is late at night when I am drifting off to sleep, it almost always helps me to sleep better... :)

    Have a great week Maarit :)

    1. It is, so beautiful! I love to listen it, too.. :) such powerful show!

      You too Launna, have a great week! <3 :)


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