tiistai 22. huhtikuuta 2014

My new PT is GREAT

Oh yes, I have my personal trainer now. I wanted and needed some help encouragement to my project. And of course, words of wisdom. My project is me. Tough work :D

Ok, it´s guite simple, I need to get shape again. I was on my way to do just that, but as I have told..my ankle. My damn ankle... Now it´s much better and I can walk almost like normal, small stretching and workout can be done, too. So, time to move forward!

That PT, I had meeting with her at 9am in this morning. I woke about 8.30, made some  coffee and with my pajama´s..I was ready to our meeting. Yes, in pajamas! :) That works for me! Because for me...9am is early...wops...but it is! :)

Secret is, we were online in one great service. It´s called Sports Centre (translate by me). First I reserved time from net. Our first time. And at the same time I filled one form about what´s my situation, what do I need and want etc. Then, just I needed to go online in that time, that I reserved.

We talked about 1 hour, she asked from me thing like what I have done before, what´s my passion and do I want to challenge me more. Basis of that conversation she made for me plan: how much muscle training, how much aerobic and how much muscle maintenance per week. When I printed all, what she had for me...wow...26 pages pure info!

All that was week ago. Today, our second meeting, 9am..we talked about food. My relationship with food etc. And now I have, in my email, waiting this form. I write down, what I eat during one week and then I send it to her. She analyze it and then give´s me some suggestions and new ways to eat. I do need that now, even though I believe I know..how to eat, but I dont have this golden mean in me: I dont eat nothing or I eat it all. And when I was able to run, I didn´t have look so much, what I eat. I burned all with running!

So, we are looking for that golden mean. And guess what? That´s FREE! Really, all that work, all that thinking and listening...it´s free for me. One more reason to be happy! It is something to do our health care and some new service. I´m more than happy about that. Ain´t it funny..you may have knowledge about something, but living like it..take´s someone to push you there... :)



with love

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  1. Wow Maarit that is awesome that it is free... take all the help you can get... I need to get in shape tightening up... I am starting Yoga tomorrow... which I hope helps me to get back to the gym to work out there... At least I am back to walking/running and loving it... Guess what I am down 80 pounds since June 15th, 2003.. just another 10-15 pounds which I will take off over the summer :)

  2. Wow Launna!!! That´s so awesome! <3 You have done such a great job! You truly have taking control...I´m so happy for you!! :) After all, that has happen in past....so so proud <3 I will take that great help, it is amazing and truly helps me to focus!

  3. Free is amazing! Getting into a workout routine is always hard but I bet with someone guiding you you'll find it a lot easier :)

    1. Emily, so true! I had such a many plans of my own, and just didn´t got it right. Now I´m free to just do. Not have to stress if it´s ok, I can count that is is. :) And really...free! :)))


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