keskiviikko 23. huhtikuuta 2014

my life, my rules

Is it? Someone could say that no. The rules are written somewhere, and we must obey those. Once again...I have to ask, where? I haven´t seen that book yet.
To free myself even more, I have to let go. I have to let go from those believes that keeps my creativity in lower level. Have to let go from those people, who are trying to bring me down. Have to let go from my own cage and learn to fly longer times.

I have very different lifestyle in these days, I can go to sleep whenever I want. I can wake as late as I want. And If I want, I can walk around with my pajamas...if I want.

I will write daily, but I can choose, when I want.

I suffered from bad conscience a very long time. I was told, that I´m not living normal life. You HAVE to wake at 9am. Why? Because everybody wakes earlier. Even 9am is late. Oh, really? Oh...there´s just something wrong with me....

You really need to do something with bigger groups, like go gymnastic or so. Why? Because normal people does so. Oh, really? Again...something wrong with me...Oh, wait! NO! I have chosen this lifestyle. I have made this work for me. So, my life, my rules! :)


You too! Your life, your rules! :) I´m so glad, that there´s so much of us in this much different many different ways. Image, that we all look and act the same??? No, no no no! Not ready for other me :D

Yes. Feel good for living your life.

Really, our mind can keep us in prison...let it go..too much thinking..just do it. What ever you are dreaming about.

with love

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  1. When I started university I panicked because I thought I HAVE to go out like everyone else, I HAVE to join in all the university activities.. but that's all really not me, I enjoy being an introverted person and there's nothing wrong with that. I really enjoyed this post, I can for sure relate to it!

    1. Thank you Emily! And I´m so happy, that you have find your way. It´s not so easy, special if you young. There´s lot of pressure! You are so right, nothing wrong! More introvert person´s in this world, please! ;)

  2. I agree Maarit... we should always be ourselves and not let other people tell us how to live our life... this is good girl :)

    1. Aww Launna :) One strong woman there!!! <3 we are, aren´t we, ourselves...:)


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