maanantai 14. huhtikuuta 2014

fitness time? Almost

Ok, now I´m tired and happy. As I have told about my ankle, still healing...I got mad because I really need to move OR do something. I started to think, what can I do with this ankle. Running, no. Weight Well, there´s has to be something! And can you believe...I have so much stuff at home, for physical jerks! Gym ball, gym rubber band, kettler 8kg, hand weight´s, stepper....Really, I think that I find something to do... :D

I made a plan yesterday, I also did that exercise. And yes, it felt soooooo good!!!! I´m almost back, I have this hunger be best that I can. Wanna sweat, wanna feel that sweet pain...:)

Also...I totally understood that I´m 43 in next month. Not getting any younger! So, time is now, to build my body to stay both strong and healthy.

I put some pictures here. Please, don´t laugh...understand that I had a really  bad hairday.... :D

Trust me..better like this :D
So, here is starter. Work it, work it!!! 

Walking..of course... view <3 as you can see, I needed to hurry..rain was so near :)

Yes? Yes.

with love

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  1. I know that feeling you crave, I have had a couple of opportunities to get back out walking and I haven't taken them but the next nice day, I am dropping everything and getting back to it, I crave that feeling too, that tired but feeling great with all the effort I put into it :)

    1. That is, I think, healthy crave. I have missed some action lately! ;))


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