tiistai 29. huhtikuuta 2014

everyday life and online yoga

I really enjoy to live here in country. Yesterday I took long walk in our dirt road, and I smelled fresh smelling air :D Time to manure those fields, with you know..it self...sh##t. So, money smell, they say... it does! But seriously, as I looked those tractors in field..I dont know, just something so pure there. Something real. Have to work hard, so you have bread in your table. Working with mother nature...For me, as I looked the, is something pure.

No, tractor :)

I also gave myself goal. When I finish that book of mine (ok, it´s been hard to write it) I can go to this very special gym. It´s pure luxury! There´s oasis in the middle of gym and always coffee. Staff treats you like a gueen. Saltroom, and that dressingroom! Wow, sauna with view...sofa´s... everything! I went there for a while, and then I traveled so much that  I had to cancel it. 
It is guite expensive but woth every penny!!! And... the age limit is +40 ;) I mean, you have to be over 40 to get there. So...peace, luxury and enjoying. 
Now I have to write fast, I really want there!! ;) That´s my carrot. 

I took my first online yoga. Can you imagine...yoga through camera in your laptop?? Online instructor and class? That was fantastic <3 My muscles are soooo tight now, and no time to travel to that next city..so online at 20.15 and 1h total yoga. She saw everyone, who was there (maybe10 of us) and could tell, if did something wrong. We didnt saw each others, just that teacher. 
First i was skeptical but after 1h....so relaxed and happy!!!! 

Want to check it out? There--->  yoogaia

Tonight, 19.30 yinyoga for me! :)))

One thing more. I cleaned my wardrobe yesterday..I found some stuff that I didnt remember that I own!

 Oh, summer..would you come?
;D fancy pants..
Like being in shopping? :) Nice...

with love

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