perjantai 11. huhtikuuta 2014

Don´t listen words: you can´t

Really, I mean it. Just don´t. :) Like I said in last post, that I have learned during this brake and my friend being here, I did. My mind has been a little...ok, a lot like a water: one day is calm, one day total storm. I had a difficult time to read me, who I am today. Am I truly stronger, and do I have that strength to be open, too.

As my friend came, we spent 24/, counting away sleeping, 16/7 together. 8 days. For me, that was hard. I mean, not because of company! No, she´s great, but I do need my own time and space. And now I´m strong enough to admit that.
Also, strong enough to not listen...if someone say´s: you don`t run with your ankle anymore..... For my point of view that´s a hard thing to say!

There´s a little change everywhere, and I rather belive in that than words: never ever. So, she did say that. Ok, but I know me... not gonna give up. And my doc said too, that I´m gonna run.

Then I started to guestion, why did she said that? She´s my friend... Envy? But why... Then it hit me..I have moved on, I have took my changes, big jumps and made my life the way I want to live it. Hard work under this life. If someone is not ready to take those steps, and still is little mean to me.. Can´t help. Really. I´m still living my life, not giving up. I can and will be there to support, but if someone want´s to shoot me down? I just go on... That i learned. After all those years, that I was so lost... I have finally find my way home. By that I mean my inner strength. :)

How do I react my own thoughts, that´s my sea: one day storm, one day calm ;D

Up: my mind ;)


with love

Ps. If you want to know about panic disorder and surviving..ask! I went through hell and back with it. I have one panic disorder blog, but it´s in Finnish. So...easier for me, if you just ask and I will tell you. :) Maybe I will write more about it, here too. 

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  1. You are right Maarit... when someone is mean and small minded it is because they feel they are not capable and they are jealous. Time for them to grow up...

    That is what happened a couple of months ago when that person went through all my social media to try and find something, anything to discredit me... it was total fear on her part... and jealousy ... She could not find a thing, so she made up and twisted things to suit her..

    She got the desired effect for now but the truth will come out and karma always comes around... the truth is that I can survive any store, bring it on... I highly doubt she could survive a gust of wind.

    We are strong women Maarit... no on will bring us down :)

    1. Oh no!!! That woman....She´s really jealousy, and afraid? Why is it, that it´s just so easier to try to make someone look bad rather than grow up and build her own life.... you are so right, Karma is fair, and yes Launna...we are so strong. :) Just sometimes sad, that that is like challenge to someone... Oh well, we will go on, in this wind of life! <3


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