sunnuntai 20. huhtikuuta 2014

Busy little farmer

Wow, time has gone so fast! This is the busiest time here. And also, funniest :)

When I wake, around 9am, I drink coffee and give all animals some food. After that I go out. Like today, I come in around 21.30 (9.30pm) Time between that I spend out. Ok, of course I come in to make food,eat etc, but that´s it.

And like today, I went straight to sauna! My muscles are hurting SO much :D!

So what do I do during day? Today, I went to take this one great older woman to shop. Here, in Finland, Easter is free and shops are closed. So, we went 3 big shops. First, to buy potatoes, onions, salad, beans, so much more something, (really, I dont remember all now) fertilizer, mold and...there was something else too..But those vegetables, those are not ready. I´m growing my own every year. So, not for eaten, yet.

There were so much people today, just because shops are closed 2 days and weather was so beautiful to just hang out.

After that, grocery. And after THAT, to one shop, where they sell parts for cars. I had about 4 bags of stuff, mold, potatoes etc...just for out home. Woh, took about 4h to travel and buy all that.

Then, guickly, change my clothes and out. Then taking all old leafs under berry bushes and give them some fertilizer. I have about 40 bushes.So, guite a lot to do there. Then, fixing back terrace, cause i need to put some seeds to sprout. Oh, time for dogs to take walk! And my kettlebell workout! And time is...oh my Gosh, 21.30 (9.30pm)

There´s no time enough! :D But I have to say, I enjoy this lifestyle. And I think that I need to put my other blogs on hold, just keeping this.

Now it´s 1.07am and mabe I just go to sleep.

I put some photos here, I made some cool (at least I think so;D) things for terrace:

 Small terrarium :)
This I bought earlier, but I wanted more rocks to surround it

;) Good night world
with love

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  1. Have a really wonderful Easter and I do think it is a good idea to simplify... ♥

    1. You too Launna, have a wonderful Easter <3 and again, you are right... simplify is just soooo good :)

  2. Thanks a lot for your sweet comment on my blog!! I'm following you now on gfc and google+!! Hope you will follow me back!!

    Have a blessed day! :)

    1. :) and of course I will follow <3
      Have a blessed day, too :)

  3. Hey! I really like this post and your blog is great :-)

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please follow and let me know on on my blog, I will follow straight back :)!

    Thank you and Happy Easter! ♥


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