keskiviikko 9. huhtikuuta 2014

after holiday

Oh wow, I was about one week away. No, not from home, but internet. Ok, small looks for time to time, but mostly away. ;)

It did good, I guess I was in need..but somehow I missed here, too. My friend was here with me whole week.

Spending time with friend is great, but own time is needed, too. After driving around Finland and  taking my friend to bus! I slept 2h straight! Mentally I was happy, but soooo tired.

It has been guite sunny here, so as usual, spent time in outside too.

Also, I met my doc today, about my ankle....I can run one day, butt not now. Maybe in fall? Good news was definitely: One day I can run <3
So, some pain and ankle workout coming up! Great! :)

I will write more tomorrow, I have learned something also. Now, relax and some special time with tv ;) Missed that, too....

Some pictures from Finnish spring:

Good to be back!

with love

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  1. Hi Maarit... I hope your ankle heals up sooner than the Fall, I know how you like to exercise... we all need a break from time to time from all media :) Enjoy the rest of the week :)

    1. Hi Launna! We do, dont we? `Weard thing was...I missed blogging so.. ;) and you my dear friend! :) You too, enjoy your week <3


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