sunnuntai 23. maaliskuuta 2014

who says, how we must write

I read from blogger this one blog ( haha, surprise!) about blogs. This young mans listed things about what he hates in blogs. That was guite long list, I must say! There were:

  • fonts
  • style
  • signature
  • photos
  • comments
  • starting
  • ending
And so much more. I started to think..have I missed some big book of blogging? I know, I have my own does everybody. But I kind of thought, that that is the idea of blogging? To be able to write as you want?

For me, only thing that really matters is contents. I dont care so much of misspellings etc...i wanna find that thought behind writing! That makes it personal. I´m not critic or professional. Every blog is personal. That´s my opinion. 

So, rather write free than take too much pressure about mistakes. Just write...let your mind wonder free and your fingers run. Write from your soul. Then...look some other things. 

That´s just my opinion! Maybe someone else has better opinion :)

But whatever you do, do it with love.....

with love

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  1. Blogging from the heart is what is most important to me... I couldn't agree more Maarit, do it with love :)


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