torstai 6. maaliskuuta 2014

the highly sensitive person

Guess what?? From 27 guestions I anwered yes..25times. So, I think that I can say: I´m higly sensitive person! hsperson test here

And I´m finaly undestanding me! That is so relieveing, understandable and explains so much.

I´m really, really happy about  this now. There´s so much, that I need to explore, to read about this.

I thought, while I was a child that there´s something wrong in me... no, I was just sensitive! I also enjoy to be alone, weard? No! Noise effects me strongly...also lights.. news...

This is just new way of life for me :) I have always wondered, why I dont like it in big crowds and why, was my panic so strong that back then, even doc´s couldn´t help me.

I totally understand it now. Too much stimulations all around me. I couldn´t stop that. My nerves were so stressed! Still, when I go to shopping...I totally hate that loud music there. And yet, in home..I love music.

I can cry while watching tv, or listening music. Or..just looking some art. Or just normal picture...
I hear some noises louder than others. Also, when I´m hungry... I feel it so badly. Food has been important to me always. Now, I know why.

Also...I like to workout alone. I have, really have thought: what the hell is  wrong with me?? I love people, but I reather be alone?

Now I know more...

This is so liberating! Those things, that I have done to me lately..took my time from internet..or just listened meditation...I needed a brake for my brains.

And explains, why I took that Ukraine-situation so strongly! Really, I lost my sleep for that.

Wow, this is... I´m not totally weard ;) And yes, it´s hard, time to feel so srtongly, to sense so much..but: it´s also a gift! Now I understand it. I can see so many colors in one color... shades..
Not just black and white. Also, now I know, what I have to do! Taking my time, small brakes...calming down..

 I am the highly sensitive person!


with love

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  1. That's great that you know why you are so sensitive... I should take this test over the weekend too ;-)

    1. ;) it is, you try it too! I´m actully happy that I´m sensitive...


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