maanantai 17. maaliskuuta 2014

not the end of the world, but....

Wow...As I broke  my ankle and had to stay in sofa...I gained 4kilos!!! Damn. Ok, not like it´s ed of this world of mine...but...I want those off! :D I really do!!!!

I have use to run etc so, that I didn´t have to worry about eating too much. Now, I ate normally and didn´t run... And still can´t.

The doc said today that I can start to walk more, but I dont think that I´m gonna sweat too much by walkin slowly. Still, that part is rehabilitate my ankle, and that makes it so important. Slowly walking.

At home I have this Finnish innovation, called selätin.

You stand there, take weights in your hand and shake. It was made for backproblem, but awesome in you stomach, too! And it make´s you sweat. It does! Wanna know more?
Here---> selätin
I bought mine 2 weeks ago, and my back is so much better. And this wasn´t paid, what I just said! It is just thing, that really works. 

Then, food. I have to plan it now. I´m not good at that, I have to admit. I know how, but I do find it boring.... Just the way I am. 

Ok, lot´s of protein from moose meat-less fat, more protein. And natural! Carbohydrate, my brains need those. So potatos and whole grains pasta. Fiber from oatmeal. Vegetables and fruits, berrys... Time between meals max 4h and min 2,5h. Smaller portion. 

Hmm...that sounds like a plan, dosent it? Ok, now I´m off to eat healthy breakfast and then walking...slowly. Then some moose and training with selätin. Yep, today´s plan! ;)


with love

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  1. It doesn't take long to put it on.. you will take it off soon enough... as soon as you are healthy Maarit ♥

    1. Aww Launna, thank you <3 :) I needed to hear that! :) And you are right....healing first :)

  2. All the best sure you gonna lose it.
    Wanna follow each other blogs via gfc & bloglovin
    Let me know

    1. Thank you dear :) and yes, i wanna do that :)
      Kisses, see you soon in your blog!


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