keskiviikko 19. maaliskuuta 2014

night walker

As I have told, I have been inside soooo much, because of my ankle. Oh yes, I have some work out machines here at home, but one thing I missed: fresh air!
So, last evening, about 21.00 (9pm) I decided that I just have to go out! Now! I knew that I could have a ride home after 22.00(10pm) . So all I needed to do is walk as long i could and then hop on in to the car. Yes!

It was dark. So dark! I had this headlight and that´s about the only light I saw.
As I went to that familiar road, it seemed to be so different! How is it, that in daytime it is that safe home road, but in night  I actually waited some wolfs to be there! Human mind... imagination.. ;)

As I walked, my eyes started to get used to dark. I saw stars, so bright! In my left side was full moon, still hiding behind clouds. From that darkness I saw small light, and I knew that moon was coming soon enought to keep me some company.

All my senses were so wake, and that fresh! I felt alive, so good!

Before I was a bit scary to walk there. It´s dark, and there´s life. Big...dogs ;) But I felt so calm!

Those stars were with me, litte bear.. road was good..and I was walking! Oh, and I heard swans! They were in field and my guess is, that while I walked, my shoes made this sound that they havent heard. So they wanted to know, what on earth I was doing there!

Ok, I have to confess...I scared so much their sound, too.... guite loud noise coming from those birds! :D

As I came home, my cheeks were red from fresh air and my spirit was and is high. I´m so outdoor person, I can say now.

This picture is about that moon. It´s a messy, but moon is coming behind those clouds. But also, here you can see, how dark it is in here! No lights, just nature... And I love it ;)

There´s the moon

And my road :)

Now, I´m just so tired and have to go to sleep. Good night everybody! <3

With love

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  1. I'm glad you were able to get out for a walk Maarit... that will lift your spirits ♡


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