sunnuntai 2. maaliskuuta 2014

butterflys in stomach

I took small break from computer, and focused on my ankle....and guess what?? I really can walk a little bit without my walkingsticks! I could scream: freedom!! :)

Also listening some news...sad things, in Ukraine. I just hope...pray..that everyting´s gonna be ok.

But about those butterflys! I have whole swarm of those now! Weirdest part is that i dont know, where those came from.
One thing is, what I know: tomorrow I´m having 2 package of new summer clother! So great! I think..that..I´m a clothing holist.... ;)

But...could it be that, I started to think yesterday about my happiness more? Seriously. I strted to take it for real. There will be always people, who ebvy you..or just want to see you hurting.

I deside yesterday, that I´m NOT gonna  take it. No. I´m gonna be happy, even if someone else dosent want.
After I figure that out to myself..I felt this big wave of strongness just coming over me! I knew right there, that I´m strong enought to fight for my happiness. And if I have to make hard
decisions...I´m ready for those, too.

Selfish or not: my life! Also my responsibility.

Also, I started to think about those things, that I already have. I need to be more grateful about those. Really, I do have a lot. Family, home, my is material. And I have to say... that is luxyury now. There were days, when I had nothing. So, I do enjoy eg. fashion more now..:) butterflys, sounds like those came from that decision: I want to be happy! That means also, that I have to make it happen. And that..means action.... so my nervers react for that thought. It´s good, but can it be a little easyer for my stomach ;D

So, fight your right to be happy! I fight next to you.

I think, that I need to go and eat some oat meal. Best medicine for tummy...
with love

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  1. Whenever we are afraid... it means we must do it... I have been afraid of things in my life and once I decided to go with them, my life changed drastically... within a year my life will be changing drastically again...

    1. <3 so true Launna. You are going forward so much dear.... dont be afraid..only way is to walk on by ;) You are stronger, than you even belive!

  2. Thank you Maarit for both the comment here and on my blog, you have been there from almost the beginning ... all the craziness with my D... do you know how much I miss him? More than anything I can ever write... I really appreciate that you believe in me... I hold on to that with everyone like yourself that really encourages me, thank you... have a great rest of the week :)

    1. Aww Launna, you are such a great person!!! Me too, holding on everyone like you. You make me belive in me, too.....:) Have a amazing week too!! :) I´ll be here...


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