torstai 13. maaliskuuta 2014

being positive and love blogging

I really am, mostly. I try to look those positive sides in...  oh well in everything! Some takes that such irritant characteristic in person. I just cant help myself...
Of course I too, have bad days and melancholic feelings. I need my pain, so I can feel. And write.

But, when something happens...I really...I do find something positive is bad situations. I think that is my surviving mode. That´s how I have gone forward in my life.

It´s just...sometimes, I see positive things when people needs their pain, like I need mine. I need to learn to read situations and just shut it ;)
Not too easy to be positive, sometimes.

Then: I love Blogging!!!!!

This is more to me, than just wanting to have more readers. This is my lifestyle. Here, I´m sharing so much and I can be honest. Someone reads my writings and react. That feeling...that I love. If I can touch even one soul.... this is worth everything to me!
Yes, I love to write, that´s why I started this at the beginning. But now....If I can also give something! That´s my red line to be happy.
We all have out path´s, and more we share, more can be learned. I surely have learned bu reading different blogs. All credit to all bloggers!!! <3

This ain´t always so easy, sometimes brains are just..empty. Or, you are not sure, what to write. But just writing something is better than nothing. Keeping that skill alive.

What I try to say here is: thank you all! Readers, bloggers, everyone. This gives me so much, gives more than takes. I belive, that I´m gonna be that old lady one day..writing about my missing teeth...someone must have stolen those! (That was my grandmom, when she was living in senior center and totally forgot where she put her tooth ;D))


;) with love

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  1. I should have only written the best parts of my life, instead I wrote my all my memories are in writing... I needed to write that way though, the pain was so great that if I didn't get it out, it would have consumed me...

    Have a great weekend Maarit and I really hope your leg is healing up well :)

    1. Launna, I really think that being honest from your heart is healing the way for new things....power of writing! Keep on writing from your heart.....
      My leg is better, I can walk!! Slowly but surely... thank you for caring <3
      You too, have a great weekend :))))


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