torstai 27. maaliskuuta 2014

amazing morning

I´ll drink to that! ;)

When I wake, I have these things I need to do. First, give food to 3 cats. And belive me, those are tiger´s before food. Then food to dogs, more like wolf´s before food. And coffee for me, more like zombie before coffee. Oh, that´s us, in morning´s :DD not so pretty sight.

Then, I usually take my laptop and check news and email. Maybe small visit in fb. But in computer anyway. 

In this morning, after all that food-thing and coffee mug in my hand I went to our back terrace. Oh wow.....

Ok, first time for video...hope this works. That blogger-video thing didn´t work :(  There´s view from back terrace and birds. Peace of mind!

Now, that weather is warmer and we are on our way to summer....I will start my days in terrace. 

This day is just started, so many amazing hours still left. Pessimists would say, so many things can go wrong in those hours. As optimist, I will say: so many hours for different opportunity´s. 

with love

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  1. Definitely starting your day out with the view ... leaves you with lots of opportunities :)


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