sunnuntai 9. maaliskuuta 2014

a beautiful mind

Do you know that movie? A Beautiful Mind? With Russel Crowe? I like many movies, but this one I love. I love that story, Russel is so great in that role. I belive him. He´s beautiful mind.

That movie is about great mind, mathematician. He´s a genius in mathematics, but with people..well, not so good. Or, actually, he´s good but not in that way, how we think. He says straight, what he thinks. In he´s own way...romatic.

Story is that he has schizophrenia. He lives without knowing that, and he´s wife..belives he´s storys, too. I dont tell you more here, if someone haven´t seen that and wants to.

But what is so beautiful in that that  mind! One can have some issues in he´s mind.. but it can be more richer than ours. There he breaks the rules of society and creates he´s own.

We, here in perfect world, know how to chit chat, how to behave. But do we know, how to feel? Deep inside?  Are we totally those who we are? Are we afraid to brake our rules in our mind? To be free...

I love that part, where we can learn new all the time. But walking in groups..that I dont like. I love people, but I appreciate my own space, too.

I love to watch birds in our back yard. How they eat, fly, communicate...or just be, enjoying the sun. My kind of freedom. Something that  money cant buy.
Oh yes, I love clothes etc. That is my vain part. But real freedom is to think. To question things.... many will say that thinking is just waist of time. Because I´m not in "real work", I´m not good enought in this society. Or I´m weard. Well, let them :) Be yourself and your happy. Be good as you can and you are more richer. Be you and you can create so much....

That´s the way I like to think

with love

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  1. I love that last line by Maya Angelou... we can never use up all our creativity and I think more thinkers of the world are needed, too many people don't think enough..

    1. I agree Launna, we have such a great mind, everyone....needs just using...


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