sunnuntai 9. helmikuuta 2014

What can I do for my body?

For real, how much can I affect my body and how it works? And feels? And by that, how I feel? A lot.
Not so, that etc. cancer dosent find me, if it wants.
But I can do something to help my heart, my muscles, my be Stronger, keep my blood going strong and my nerves calm.

Yes, simple things: eating well, exercise and rest.

As I am at home now, with that broken ankle of mine.. I have been thinking.
For me, bodybuilding or jogging is not (all) that I want to look good one day.
All those muscles, that we have..those have huge work! To keep us together. With our bones, of course.

I have been thinking that do I have atleast some sort of muscles in my feet? It really had a change to go even much worse.. When I did fall down, It wasnt easy place.
I mean, i could broke my leg totally.

So, my muscles did help me there. Now im trying to help my muscles by treating them well.
Lots of calsium etc. and rest.
After this, slowly getting them back to work.

But because I can do this, how much more I really Can do?
Again, a lot.

I can help my heart, my lungs, my everything by treating me good and putting my body to work.
Not like that, that I´m eating iron and....there´s a saying that s**ing chains. Sorry about that ;)

But... I mean, trying to challenge myself and being in good health. Now I do understand that meaning of good health and what I have to do in front of it.

Let´s face it. I´m not going to be younger. And I definetly dont want to be tired and in bad shape at my sixties. I have the best time now to do something about myself. And I´m gonna! After...3-4weeks. Actually, I´m doing it now already, drinking milk! Important to bones. And streching, Little stomach muscles, gently.

And strengthening my mind.

So, this is what I have thougt lately. I NEED TO CHALLENGE MYSELF. 


with love

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  1. I hope you feel yourself soon Maarit, it is really hard to just relax and heal... I was there a year ago... :)


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