keskiviikko 5. helmikuuta 2014

slowing down

I really thought, that after few days staying home...i would be anguished. Not to be able to walk well and rather at all isn´t too easy for me. Or so I thought!

I feel actually so calm. Good. Like serenity has fall in me. I was in shop today, needed food etc. And becouse i have to walk with sticks and slowly i truly saw so much more than I normally do. Bananas, mandarins, so colorful!

I took my time to explore things, and I enjoyed every moment. Then it hit me, why this happend: I thought, that I have took it easy, but I actually havent. (ok, and that one stone was guilty also..for me to fall;)

I havent took my time to watch. To listen, really listen. Smell all fragrance, that comes from herbs in wonderful!!! I have just rushed in store and fast away. Like in so many more things. Reading, with my puppies... my body was here, mind? No. Somewhere far far away.

Today I have focused on more in small things. That happend naturally, I didnt have to even think about that. All I needed was to notice it.Such a big lesson, really! And that gives ne so much more, more joy for my senses!!! There´s beauty in have just look. Stop running and look.

I can say, that i respect more my life, health, everything, more now.
To be here and now...thats what I do now.
I have all the time in world and because I cant go anywhere...I dont have to be nowhere but here. Living my life.

Like I have said before ( I belive in this) that everything has some purpose, something to learn... I belive that now I found mine. Atleast piece of it. Maybe there´s more, if I just keep my eyes open?

Nothing in this life is foregone conclusion, not walking, not hearing. If one not respect that..oh well, mother nature will find a way to teach?
*You dont know, what you have untill it´s gone* So true.


with love

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  1. It's really true Maarit... you don't know what you have until it's gone... sadly we learn the hard way most of the time...

    1. So true Launna... I just hope, that i could have some sense to learn BEFORE , not after....could be easier for time to time..


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