tiistai 11. helmikuuta 2014

no fun at all

This is how feel now. I truly try to be positive, and i know, that there´s so much more pain in world.
BUT....I have been at home, mostly alone, without option to walk..now..wait..10-11days. And I have ti admit: I feel stubid, boored and sooooo unhappy!
Ok, now I said it. Top of that, my female dog is in heat, alfadog is..well, being total male: gone crazy. So, no rest there. And one of the cats..heat too. So, you can imagine this noise! Miau, wof!!!! And I cant escape. MY NERVES!
Also, sometimes is good to think and have some time to do that, but too much? Wow..my thoughts are not from this planet.

Ok, I have whine now.. not something I usually do. But after all, I am just human. I know, there´s people, who worse and I shouldnt do that. I try to put myself together!

I´m not such a good patient ;D I´m better, when I can help! But that guote below, that´s so true.
To learn, you have to hit the wall for time to time.....

with huge love

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