tiistai 18. helmikuuta 2014

license to walk

Yipiiiiii! Just came from x-ray and doc..I can put a little weight on my foot now! That fracture is healing well. Also ligaments are better. Slowly, but surely getting better.

I know, that this is short period in my life (i hope) But last 2weeks...has been long enought to make me insane!!!

I have just sat here, at home. Not able to walk, or do absolutely nothing! So frustrating to just sit.
I know, that I´m impatient.  I still have to walk with (at least 2 weeks) with walking sticks and this awesome air cast in my leg. Guess what? I really, really want to go jogging now! :D

Oh well, just have to take it easy and be careful.
I have done little exercises with my arms and stomach. Something small with weight, but not totally forgot to do something.

It´s too easy to say: i cant do nothing now. Way too easy. For me, that is. If I wanna be/get in shape, even now I can do something. Sitting in chair and pump my muscles in my arm. And some muscles in stomac.

In this age, have to be ready!? :D

But now, I had/have a time to think. Can you belive, that I dont remember any thought now? I had ( in my opinion) such a great thoughts. Those were...oh well, gone with a wind now.

But, human´s ability to integrate is great. It is. Takes few days to set your mind in that level, then...you are working in new sitation as good as in old.
Best force is when you really dont have any other choice. I belive, that it goes for smaller and bigger changes.
If we dont fight against it, we will survive. Underneath our belives and thought´s, that this is the only way: we have this great force, that will take us to next level. Survivior. That´s what we are, if we give ourselfs a change.

with love

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  1. Maarit... before you know this will be a blip in your past and you will be out jogging again... kudos to you for doing other types of exercise until you are allowed to walk/jog.

    Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog <3

    1. That is so true Launna! And also here, learning is here :) i actually work out my arms etc now! :) and, it is so, what i wrote. Every word <3


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