keskiviikko 26. helmikuuta 2014

from Maarit with love

Just some photos...but objects are important to me. I will tell you more.

I was driving behing in one tractor. First time in weeks! (thank God for automatics..) But as I drove slowly, I saw this view. It was just so beautiful! I smiled alone, in my of mother natures way to make one feel better.

That small green thing in the middle of this photo is lily. In Febuary? Love to watch everything growing, and this is the very first lily that i saw now. Normally we have these coming April/May. So early now...

Also Siren-tree is early.... 

This was found in last year, i think that some sort of..imagination-place. Who build it and when? What was life back then? Intersting place.

Mystery in sun. Or sun, the mystery? ;)

Horse chestnut- tree. He´s 100years old, just my favorite tree! I go under it and just listen... such a strong tree, such a wise, too!

Under that summer, he´s all green and bomming so pretty! He´s flowers are like huge candels.

Horse chestnut- tree in waking...:)

Gate to the other side, wonderland. In this case, to the garden ;) We have two place here, unite together. 

So, here´s something, that I wanted to share....hope you got that good feeling from my pics?

with love

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  2. Great pictures Maarit... so many beautiful shots... I love that sunset, gorgeous :)

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