lauantai 22. helmikuuta 2014

found, lost and find again

That´s me. It seems, that I have gone throug most of my ghosts from my past. Now I stand here, with some knowledge in my heart, still some parts not yet written... blank.
My journey in past year was hard, and I belive, that it showed my writings. Thank you all, for being there!

Now, I feel..stronger, but in funny way, like a little girl. I have been fighting all my life, now I dont have to. And yes, that is new to me! So, when things are good, I´m lost? Great! :D

I have give myself licence to be girly girl. I use to wear clothes, that shows attitude. And I do mean, attitude. With sculls etc. (still gonna wear those, jst so great) And mostly black to give me some power. Now I have bought pink things. Not such a big news, but I havent bought pink...since i was kid!
So, I am giving room for some tenderness? Actually, I´m totally hungry for pink now...and fluffy things. Teddybears... woh.....

Ok, I´m not gonna wear all pink and not taking teddy bear in my arms when I go out! :D my thougts..and at home....small steps.

One thing I know: I´m stong enougt to stand still! My heart is build to survive, and there´s room for softness, too.

Launna, I love this guote, too:

And now I may add:

My wolf is always with me.
And now is time to take new path, too.....

with love

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  1. Awe Maarit... I love that quote... I have been going through so much lately and the quote empowered me... I hope she reads it and knows it was meant for her... the one who has done all that could to bring me down. I will be back stronger, leading the pack... so will you :)

    1. I hope so too, Launna. I really do! You will lead the pack! Me too ;)

  2. lovely blog dear, I follow you,hope You follow me to. :*


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