torstai 6. helmikuuta 2014

feel the music

In this house of mine
I see walls, doors
trying to keep me still
trying to calm me
to numb me

I walk from wall to wall
my hands touch that cold material
it´s just..i hear this music
my body starts to move
my mind goes to another dimension

These walls of mine, cant keep me no longer
I´m free, I dance to these walls
i seduce those
I keep my body moving, as my hips starts to do waves
No, no stopping now!

I can see these different movements in my mind
I can feel every rhythm in my soul
in every cell i have
I close my eyes and I´m in the dance floor
sweat, shoes, music

look at my eyes, I´m alive
there´s a fire, i wanna break every bounds
I wanna feel sexy, i wanna feel that heat
of life
fire of life 

Dance is my road there
music is my navigator
my body is my tool
fuck off walls

with love

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