perjantai 21. helmikuuta 2014


Do you know Dementors? From Harry Potter? Those darks shadows, who sucks all joy, all your positive thoughts, all that you are, away. 

Nasty things! 

Those exist here, with us too. In shape of human. Before you know it, you are deppressed and you dont know even, why? 
All joy, all you dreams...somewhere in mist. Not gone, but in mist. You know, they are there..but you dont remember, what those were. 

In Harry Potter, there´s Patronus against those, to protect from Dementors. 

Beautiful white shadow, strong as hell. 

We all ned to have our Patronus against real life Dementors. One friend, husband, someone fro work....want everything from you, but never gives back. After one talk you feel like your lifespirits is all gone, just tiredness left.... Dementors. They get their power from  you. Sucking it and using in own purposes.

I think that we all know one of those. Me too. I protect myself by keeping my distance. In bottom of my heart is full of sighns of positive guotes. When someone is hitting in full speed..those work like shield: bouncing off. That´s my Paronus.

Dont let Dementors win! ;) Make your macig and make them go away from your mind. 

                                                Dont be Dementor, be                                                              INSIRATION <3

with love

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  1. I have never seen Harry Potter... but I understand Dementors... I have one of those in my life... she has done everything she can to make my life miserable .... I really need that one friend I could go to no matter what and just feel better... but she made sure that I don't have him anymore... I am a little lost Maarit... but I keep fighting to make it better eventually :/

    1. Oh Launna....those Dementors are bad news. I so wish, that I, I know, that I´m here for you! Keep on fighting, good ones do win, eventually! They do! <3


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