maanantai 3. helmikuuta 2014

broken ankle

But not mind! Yes, I did broke my ankle in last Saturday. I went in doc today: both ligament sprained and small (I hope) fracture also. And time that happend, I was going to walking. So, exercise is healthy? ;D

It is, this was just small set back. Tomorrow i have to go to X-ray and see another doc. i have time, then. Funny, when I cant walk i become restless! And when I dont rest, I will be tired. Human life, I guess.

But I´m that kind of person, that I belive there´s someting I need to see now. I was forced to stop and now I have time to look at my life well. And so much more, too.

Maybe later in this week I will be one crazy philosopher and can talk dog-language?? I know, there´s going to be times, when I´m gonna feel sooooooo bored.

Untill that, I feel fine.

I really wanted to jog etc, I reserved my ny joggin shoes that´s gonna be one issue. Walking and joggin has been my _empty your mind_ places.

My new shoes.. those are the price, when I´m better.

Now I´m listening some country and writing. Next some tv... also my animals are with me.

These are one of those situations, that you have to win your mind and just take whatever comes. I´m gonna be even better later. When spring starts to show up, I´m running again! :)

And this one, kind of opposite of those, but still... true. I belive in both...makes sense.

with love

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  1. I hope your ankle heals soon Maarit, that's awful about what happened :-(

    I need someone to hold me together... like the last quote says...

  2. Thank you Launna! !! <3 I so hope, that you will see that someone in near future...I really do..


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