lauantai 11. tammikuuta 2014

snow snow snow!!!!

Finally, snow and winter :) All seems so brighter! It started to cool down in last night, and this morning...that white winterland was in a good way building.

I cant even beging to tell, how dark it was here before. Where i live, we dont have any street lights, no light pollution. Totally darkness, and maybe some wolfs, too ;)

So, that´s why I´m so exited. I have some pictures, not good thought...I will go tomorrow with camera and gonna take more. It´s snowing as we speak!

I did have some other things to tell you, too..but I´m way too exited to be inside now! Just have to go there and play with dogs in snow... Oh, how I have been waiting this <3

My winter wonderland :)))
with love
And PS. If you have some romantic story or happening that I could use in my book...tell me? I have written one book now,  and it´s going to be...intense. Full of passion and love...

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  1. Have fun with your snow Maarit... I am not sure I could live somewhere that had so little lighting.. I love to walk in the evenings and I wouldn't be able to walk in that pitch dark... Have a great weekend :)

    1. Thank you Launna :)) I have kind of use to this ...and enjoy it. Weard ;) You too Launna, have a great weekend! I will enjoy that snow..


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