keskiviikko 8. tammikuuta 2014

new wind in my mind

Hey, this is my first writing with my new laptop! :) Acer V5 with Windows8. And I´m soooo lost now! :DI think that i have to read the first time in my life.

But now back in here. I noticed one thing in me yesterday. New trait. As I have told you, I have some passions, of course writing but modelling, too. I just love camera.

Yesterday, I fould myself less disappointed than I thougt. I have photo shoot in near future, but it could be that I cant go. I mean, changes are 50-50% now. And guess what? I´m not bitter, if not....usually i cry my eyes off, if theres even small change that I have to cancel.

Of course I handle it like pro and go if I can. But....that part, I´m not sad if not....that´s new. I realize yesterday, that i have all good in my life now and that´s not worth to cry, if I cant go. I mean, I like (love) photoshoots, but I love more my life now. I respect all I have.

That´s a bonus, modelling. I want maybe more write about fashion, all of that what belongs in that world..being behind the scenes...

Maybe help someone new? I wont forget that world, as long as I live :D but...I want something else now.

And I´m happy.

Is that called: growing up? :) Maybe, one day i will be more hunger for camera, but it´s not my all anymore.
That hunger is just as real like someone cant be without football... or something else.
It´s in my blood. Hard to belive that, i understand. Someone could say it´s a vain job. But for me..there´s so much more. That feeling, when there´s just camera and me....i will be in flames. I´m not supermodel, never been, never will. I was/am more like ad-model. And best part...I didnt have to worry about food, never. My face was/is best part. So, as real models ate healthy foof, I ate pizza while waiting.. :)))

Ok, now I have to go to store and then..start to study how to use this laptop! If this looks´s because I´m funny with this windows8 :D Really, loving it already, just need to learn..woh, that´s gonna be one day job, full time.

with love

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