perjantai 17. tammikuuta 2014

Missing that old fashion rock´n roll life

As I drove at the store, I listened Radio City. It´s a channel for rock. Usually i hear my old favorites from there :) today was some live music from old stars, like KISS etc.

I started to think those days, whe I was young and soooo wild. I loved to spend time in backstages. No, I wasn´t groopie. I was friend.

I loved to watch those rituals, that every artist have before show. I just sat there and smiled. Then, show-time.

And wow, that live music, out loud!!! Took and takes me every time! Having a good time with friends, laughter, and music all night long!

In morning, sleep. Just to wake in afternoon to meet buddys again... oh wow, that was soooo awesome time!

I saw Mister Simmons from Kiss once, and we talked. Just that, talked. I had a chance to go to backstage in -87 (close enought?) I was/ am huge KISS fan. Still belong in Kiss- army! :D

But, just..talked. And that was so cool.

What happens in backstage, stays in there, too ;) I saw so much, but never, ever said word about those things. And not gonna!

Oh, my broken jeans, one big mess...leather jacket... music in my blood as hot as :)

On the road, that was my destiny, I thougth. Maybe, one day, could be. Or not. Still, rock´n roll stays!

with love

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  1. I think we have to live out some of those fantasies or we will regret it someday... that is awesome that you got to meet him... I have never been to a concert, it is on my bucket list though :)

    1. Launna, that´s true. I just dont wanna end up with bitterness one day... that was, indeed thig that i will remember always! :) Oh, you just have to go... I belive that you will enjoy ;)))



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