sunnuntai 5. tammikuuta 2014

little bit this and that

As I sit here, I have my feets half way in hot bath. Half way, because it´s way too hot, water I mean :)
I just hope that i don´t pour it...

I´m wondering at the same time...what to do with ALL of my photos! Trust me, there´s guite a lot of those in my computer. I think that my new computer is coming in day after tomorrow. Tomorrow is freeday here in Finland, last of holiday season´s freedays.

I promised this computer to be cleaned and for different use than my things. I do challenge my computers, I do. Photos, works..and i hate slow computers :D Or more like, I loose my nerves.. I dont have very good patiens with these things.

This is ok, actually good computer. Samsung. Lot´s of  kick, and  memory. That is not a problem. But that new, Acer, is more made for writing. So, that´s gonna be my work computer.

I´m just impossible with photos... :D hmm.. I just have to figure something out. Remember those times, when we had plastic cameras, and you had to took those rolls for to be made? Then I really thought, how to took one pic. Now I can took 100 pictures for one thing and look the best in computer. But... I dont clean those other´s away too often..

Yep, I know...I´m lazy in that. Can I say, typical gemini?? Hide behind that?? Because, that´s how we often act.. soooo full of energy and greating, cleaning...oh well, that can wait :DDD For me that is so true.

Hey, my feets are in bucket now!

I think that I put Beethoven´s Fur Elise on and start to relax..feels good after long run :))) (Love that track so much.....)

for you: fur ELise, Piano

with love 

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  1. Enjoy your free day Maarit... I don't get many over the holidays due to working in payroll, it is our year end, tax time coming up... our busiest time :) Have a lovely New Year !!!

    1. Oh, you have a Great year too, Launna! And when the time comes...enjoy your relax-time :) I know, that in fashion business it´s getting faster now..wohou, what a ride is coming! :)


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