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Let´s run...and defend our lifestyle

About that running...I´m back about it!!! I use to run a lot when I was younger. Then..oh well, I forgot it. Now, slowly but surely I´m rnning again. It`s funny, but when I start..I feel soooo clammy. After 42min I´m feeling like rabbit!

Starting is taht part, that I´m still working in menthally. Just have to go, and feeling good waits to come.

I read from somewhere, that those endorphins are released for good after 45min of  exercise. I have watced from my heart rate monitor, and after 42min...flow zone is on.And that feeling, it´s just sooo great! :)

After-feeling is so calm, relaxed and good. All day long. All that stress..gone still there, but not stressing my body! I actually can take a break from it.

Then, that defend-part. I´m kind of sad to even talk about this. I really think that this shoult even be problem. is.

Like I have told you, I moved from our capital here in county many, many years ago. And here life is different. that in citys. It is. Not better, not worse, differet.

Sad part is, that I had to defend this lifestyle to my best friend. She lives in city. And reading about things is so different than actually  experience those.

We hunt. Yes, with guns. That´s just someting that is have to done. (is that said right??) But, not like that, that all woods are full of man, shooting like maniacs.

In every year, those man´s go to woods to count tracks. How many moose, deers etc. And how much is necessary to take away. As you know, if one species takes over...nothing good comes from there. And thank God, we dont have enought predators to take care of that!

So, after counting, they calculate animals and how much/man can shoot. After that they hunt. BUT! With huge respect. These mans do respct nature and all animals, more than someone could think.

As I have said, it´s not the weapon, it´s the man behind it.....

But, because this is how i feel and live....I have taken so much sh**t. Because, not too many people takes time to study these things. It´s easyer just judge. Its wrong, it´s cruel. No it´s not.

Why I´m sad, is that good friend of mine... dont actually know me at all. If one can judge my life, then I have to be bad, too! Because is my life. So......for me and that friend...there´s a space now. TG, one of my friends in city tryes to understand! :)

Ok, time to rap this and go out. Sun is shining and -15c. Perfect! ;)

My coffee-buddy :D

With love

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