maanantai 27. tammikuuta 2014

I challenge myself

I have to! Challenge myself now. I sometimes let myself go way too easy, and do things just 50% from that potential, what I have. Staying in comfort-zone.

That goes in workouts now. Oh yes, I have been walking so much. That I have done well, mostly.

But muscle work out...excuses. I have told myself so much of those lately! I have some iron here at home, and I also have one program made one fitness pro for home. That, I have to! ;)

But I havent dont that...last time was in summer? Yes. And inside i have had this feeling, that i need to do something. I just have waited...what? New gym in my yard?? No, lazyness from me.

So, yesterday i made that homeprogram and..I was sooooo dead! ;) But happy. I didnt make it like I use to do in summer. Less repetitions for now. Later, more.

But, I really have to kick myself now. I know, what i want, to be the best me that I can. But I have to work for it. And go away from my comfort-zone.

No pain, no gain!!! And I know myself..sometimes i just like too much that comfort-zone. So, kick in the ass and do it! My guideline now.

Something to think about (for me)
with love

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  1. I need a kick in the pants too...I've been slacking with the workouts...time for me to get off the lazy bandwagon.... we'll do it together Maarit ♡

    1. Yes Launna ♡ :) we can, and we will. Together!


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