tiistai 28. tammikuuta 2014

belive in yourself

I just wrote to my other blog, in Finnish about this. I belive that this is so important. To belive in you. And power of your mind.

I actually started to think more of my behavior and beliefs. Someone, somewhere, long time ago has said something to you. Like: you are not gonna make it.

Back today, do you think that you dont use your full capacity? Well, i thought that I´m using, untill I started to listen myself.

Why I havent work for one of my dream, I kept it just dream. Beliving that it couldn´t be reality for me. Just fantacy.

Then I pictured my lifeline in my head and traveled to that time, where i remebered that something happend. I travelled in time where I was about 7years old.

One of my friends was in ballet. She said, come to me? To try? I went, because i have loved dancing all of my life. I relly can feel music in every cell that i have.

There was this teacher,  she said immediately, that I cant be dancer, ever. I have too big breasts.

So, there, at that moment I guit. I never challenged myself or that saying. I knew, that I had the music in me...but...it´s just a fantacy for me. To be a dancer. Of cource, too big for ballet, I uderstand that. But, now when I think...I bet i could dance showdance. In pro.

I was stubid enought to belive that.

Now, I know better. It´s just..oh well, I have to say it. I´m  too old. Or am I? I mean, there´s so much to learn in dancing, and I´m already 42years... my dream was to make choreographies some day... but... really, age is a small problem.

But, learn from this: never belive what they say, try it before guit!!!! Maybe you dont have to guit...

with love

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  1. We should never give up on ourselves Maarit... we need to keep believing in our dreams :)


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