torstai 12. joulukuuta 2013

until the s...t meets the fan

Or something like that ;) But, I think I´m ready for say goodbye for my dad.
I didn´t got that change 3 years ago, not really. As sometimes it does that, afterlife with money was gone real bad.

And Launna, now I have to say here, that I´m reading and watching you! ;) Not forgot! <3 Just been so busy and guite tired. I will comment more later!

So, back in here. That time after my father was gone..ugly. There´s so many side´s here and I´m not gonna blame here, anyone. Just, sometimes some things feels so bad, unfair.

I know, that I was selfish in sertain things, but i knew that those were the right things to be selfish to. I took sh....t oh so many years, too many. Because i wanted to keep some sort of peace in family.

But after my dad was I wasn´t that doormat anymore. And that, my friends, was problem. I just didnt take orders or bad feelings about how i was. Shock, it was for someone. As I sat here, at the same chair and read emails...bad ones, hurtful...i desided that hell or high waters, I´m not gonna take that!
Amazing, how much damage one person wants to create!

Oh well, now, 3 years later..I´m free. Really, from that pressure, from that hell. And I´m happy.

So, now I can say to my you forever. You will be in my heart as long as I´m here and if I now say goodbye, you are still with me. Just need to let go of those bad things. I know, that you understand. You always did. <3

with love
your stronger daugter now

Me and dad...
with love


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  1. This is a lovely good bye letter to your dad Maarit... You have to be true to yourself ♥

    1. Thank you Launna :) and that is so true. Only way to go <3


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