maanantai 16. joulukuuta 2013

this year or just period of time

As I write now, i look out from  window. It´s December, and all is green still. There was snow, short period of time. But now, like fall... I know, that real winter is coming, but i just miss it so much. Pure and white.

And I realize, that Cristmas is in  next week..year is coming to end. Another will start. Time has gone so fast! Makes me wonder, what I have done in one year. Right now I dont remember, but I´m sure that something.

Maybe I shouldn´t think it like that, in numbers. It´s more like living in cycles. Years are invention By humans, cycles comes from nature.

This cycle has been all about changes. Not so much outside, but inside of me. I have fronted some hard things from past, made myself stronger. Took steps in something new, or should I say: jump. Yes, mostly my changes has been inner. I read some older writings of mine and i really saw that read in my writings. My timeline of growing.

Human is newer complite? :) And I think that is just good! When there´s room for grow, there´s room for new adventures. And I´m so ready for new now.

I have really left hardest things in past, and my soul is ready to see something new.

No matter what our age is, there´s always something that we can find. We just have to keep our eyes open.

I let go the opportunity for a few new things that came in my path. My instinct said, wait. Now i can see smaller things, that i really love. Like I´m spying out a bit ;) But, looking good.

Like seasons, cycles has own signs to tell, when time is changing. For me, I´m getting there now. Only time will tell later, what it it.

with love

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  1. It's amazing all the growth we have made in the last two years or so ♥


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