perjantai 27. joulukuuta 2013

there just has to be confusion in every x-mas

It has to be somekind of nature law! :D
In this x-mas, I receive a call from my aunt. In 24.12. She said: we were in your mother´s grave, and it´s not there!!
I usually go to take candels later, tomorrow, because of distance.

I was like: WHAT?????? Yes, she said, no tombstone, no nothing. OMG, i was pissed. I knew, that i have handeled all before, paid that place for many years. I even went to bank to look and there it was: Paid in 3.12-12.

So, you can imagine that rage! My mother´s grave??? No no no, someone has to pay! I sent email, because i knew that all offices here in Finland are close many days during x-mas.
And..that email was intense. Really.

I wondered all these days and was planning my next move. I even imagined, how they had open that grave and put someone new there. Wow, my blood was boiling!

I didn´t got too much sleep last night, because i thought about calling in that office first thing, when they open.

So, when I woke this morning, I saw that I had email from that office.....I was almost shaking, when I opened it:

We looked that grave, and all was in order. There was candles etc.........."

Long letter. But that was enought for me. I really felt like i could melt away, so shamed......
My aunt was in wrong grave..I called to that office and I explained all...and I apologize for the email and all...

Of course I´m happy, that everything is in order, just ... now I remember why I  want to check myself before i make conclusion...

Happy end anyway :DDDDD Oh, life... not too boring!

How was your x-mas? Hopefully nice, warm and full of joy!!

with love

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  1. Maarit, I'm glad your aunt was wrong...

    I want to wish you a lovely new year♥

    1. Me too, Launna, me too! :) For you, I wish very good and lovely new year <3


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