lauantai 14. joulukuuta 2013

Rodeo drive with mindpower

Ok, I just saw one film, and fell in love in Rodeo drive. No, Haven´t been there but one day maybe?

About mindpower, this is that moment when someone could say to me: no, you are not going there, never ever.

And i took that in my brain. But am I gonna take that like: you are right! Or, no, you are so wrong. I will show you. (and gonna send you picture also;)

It´s like, If I give you cup of liquid and say: look out, it´s HOT!

Actually, it´s cold, but your mind and taste will react like it´s hot. You might even feel like you burn your mouth.

That´s stong from mind. So, when someone says that you are fat. How to take it? First of all, who ever says that is not such a nice person. But, to be stronger...your mind has to stronger to not be hurt.

Why i talk about this, is there are so much cruel people out there. I have seen too many getting hurt just words. Or just word- wrong. Words are so strong!

But, it´s not easy to rise above. No, it´s not. In home when you are lonely..those words come again...

There could be problems, then. Eating disorders, low selfesteem etc. In older but mosly young girls, and bous, too!

So, how to be stronger. Well, accept your self. For starters. As you are, now. Listen your inner voice. Your inner child, maybe?

And if you feel bad about what someone said...this is what i do: I have good chat in my mind with that, who hurted me. As you can imagine, i win there.

There´s not such a thing like perfect person. Just be perfect for yourself ;))

with love

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