lauantai 7. joulukuuta 2013

miracle?? I dont know, but i wonder..

Ok, this wasn´t what i was thinking to write. But: something so weard just happend!

I wrote that other blog of mine, i took earlier some photos with my Canon. It´s just normal camera, not like phones, where´s different effects that you can use.

So, I took those pics from yard and transfer those in computer. After that, I just loaded in blog. I did´nt use any image editing. Nothing. So, when I loaded that photo...there´s snow coming donw???
It´s not even snowing here now. But in this pic...???

Please, tell me if you see it, too? Or is it just me...?

There´s Veikko and Vilma..and snow? Right?´s really moving here? Right?

Other pics, that I took:

And few days back, when I was walking:

As you see, we have winter here now :)
But, now I´m speechless about that first photo. What happend between camera and computer...I really dont know?
But, it´s just so beautiful like that!!! <3
With love
Maarit you see that?? Just asking.... ;)

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