perjantai 20. joulukuuta 2013

I question a lot

I do. If someone says to me: you have to do this or that because i say so, i ask why? I have been like that all of my life.

I thought, when I was younger that i have something wrong with me. Like i dont get everything? Am I...stubid? :) Really.

Like now, when I watch or read news. Some decisions of our goverment. I just...dont understand. No, and I will ask: why?

I use to live in our capital, now I have lived in country about 8-9years. And guess what? I could not go back anymore. It´s not because I dont like out capital. It´s small and beautiful. With that small I mean after travelling a lot, it is...small. But there´s such beautiful architecture etc. has changed. Because people are feeling bad. Rents are high, you have to be strong. You have to be best. In gym. In work. In everything.
When I go there to see my friends, In street scene i dont see too much of smiling. I see lot of negativity, hurt.Only because someone, somewhere has said that you are good in this way, not other way. You have to make sooooo much money, have to belong in best clubs. Be the best or drop from this line.
I totally understand, that it is hard to survive. Need food, home...

But Why??? Why can´t you enjoy your life the way you want? AND I dont mean, that everyone are like this, but It´s a fact that something has changed. Most people that i know from there says the same.

One of my oldest friend just got sick. She really burn herself. Not to be able to stop and enjoy. Just so busy to work harder, train harder, eating less. You cant eat carbohydrates, because someone has said: it´s not good. It´s not healthy or tredy? Says WHO????

About dressing up. This dont go with that. That is wrong jacket with those. Why???? WHO sais that. I´m not trendy because someone has said that my jacket is wrong kind??

No, no no.

Negativity infect negativity. Lot´s of it and there´s big croup of negativity. Then again, positivity infect positivity. Can I infect you? ;)))

With love

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  1. I agree Maarit... positivity draws positivity .... Merry Christmas xox


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