tiistai 31. joulukuuta 2013

Goodbye year 2013, wellcome 2014

How fast has this year gone! Full of happenings, feelings..as I look back, I have felt so much, changed my mind about things, learned and sometimes not. Most of all, I have faced my fears, my past, and now moving on.
This year was harder, But I wouldn´t give even one second away. I could say, I started to find my true voice.

Greatest thing that I learned is: be yourself. No matter what. And, you can chage your mind from your old belives. That is learning new, I belive.

Tomorrow is 2014, and my calendar is pure. So, I shall fill it the best way I can: Being good to me and my loveones. I know, human life is full of surprises, in good and bas. Key to deal with everything is that inner voice, your own mind. Be good to yourself :)

I wanna thank you all for being here with me, next year we shall meet and go even deeper.....

Happy new year to all and let´s make year 2014 to be our year! 

with love

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  1. Happy New Year Maarit... I wish you much joy and happiness for 2014 and beyond ♡


Your comment is my pleasure :)