maanantai 18. marraskuuta 2013

wanna be famous?

I think that I want, in some way. Not totally and too famous. Lets say..more like well known. Why? Makes my work more easy. Simple. And by that I eat and pay my bills.
But, I write becouse I love it, not because I need to be famous...oh well..  I want. In one way. To be great writer.

Fact is, when you are known, your business and work get´s easier.
Life? I dont know about that, could it be, how you handle your  public view? How you are in public?

There are many ways to be well known/famous. One fact is, sex sells. Yes, in any way. For being good looking to actual sex pics...those sells! And it´s the fastest way. But, is that for me? No.

Slow, hard way is just keep on writing. I know, If one wants..there are social medias that helps you in fame fast.... but, then...would you be taken serious? For real? At the long run... well, one word: tabloid´s.

But, this slower road is so...long, slow ;D sometimes i truly think that I´m gonna do something crazy, but then i just have to calm down.

I always say, I´M so grateful that in my youth there was´nt facebook, smart phones etc...I really could be in tabloid´s now. 

So, write, write write is my way. I belive that in human nature, there´s one piece which want´s to be seen. One way or another. To be front of camera´s, looking good. 
I write, becouse i live it. And i do love camera´s. That i have to admit. To be honest.

Etc. Blogs are public. So, if not want any publicity, why write in publick..... small dream?

Yes. Mine is. Yours?

With love

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  1. I have to agree that we who write blogs want a little recognition... especially when we open our souls... it's the reason we write I think....:-/

    1. True true, and there' s nothing wrong with it ;)))


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