torstai 14. marraskuuta 2013

Spreading my wings

Remember, when i told that i have this funny feeling about something, that is coming up? Something new? Well, i was so right.

First, i have wrote my book more, and sent it to publisher to read. Yipiii!! :)

Then, one great lady contacted me. She´s what i call: superlady. She asked, if we can work together in one project. It´s big opportunity for me. Really, big!

It includes audience, cameras, talking with people. That´s what i love, to be with people. So, that´s new. :) I heard it yesterday, felt it long ago.

I can say, that my wings are open now, I take that wind as it comes.
From North, South, that dosent matter.
I Just take wind under my wings and fly.
 Higher, to unknown.

Every fight, every disappointment, every tear.....those are just teachers. There´s a price in the end of the road. My road just begin, I know, so much still to experience. Good and bad.  I cant say that it´s gonna be all heaven. I need that hell-part too.

Taking life as it is, never give up hope and figth. Enjoy. What more you can do?

With love

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