maanantai 4. marraskuuta 2013

Phototime ;) and thoughts about writing

Hi there, how are you guys? I have been away a bit more. I have to focus (starting today) on my book. I have done soooo many things, kept myself sooo busy. I havent write my book for a long time. Why? Because it´s kind of scary. First, to front those things that i have faced in my past. I made sure that I´m strong enought for that. I am, now I know. But also, what happens, when i finish it?
I mean, is it good enought?And there are happenings, that concern some people i know. Not like I´m writing something bad, or in their actual names, no. I try to make a little diffrerent but...still, i know they know themselfs. Ok, no one else will. And, that´s my book,my story, I know. But after that, it´s all there. My past, for everyone. Of course I want that, if i can help´s just..well...I´m a bit nervous.

But now, I´m ready make that move, so I need to write that more. I want to finish it sooner than later.

So, I havent forgot this blog or you, never will. I will be back. Soon :)

Here´s some pictures from home, Autumn. I just love this time. Mysterious fogs, great smell of, enjoy:

With Love

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  1. Some great Fall pictures... take the time you need to write... I do it for an hour or more a day. I say whatever I want to in the one I writing for my book. I had a lot more to say than I thought. ...

    1. Thanks Launna, I really love Fall. Is it amazing how much you say when you write? About happenings, people. You really can see, what was going on..... I'm so happy, that you are saying, too ;))))


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