perjantai 8. marraskuuta 2013


Sometimes i find myself just being taken aback. Today was one of those moments. In a good way.
I write that other blog of mine, about panic disorder. It´s in Finnish. ( there´s also translator)

I have received feedback, that i helped. That someone got something from him/herself, tools. I mena, i REALLY have wrote something, that i have gone trought...and someone else there got help.

That feeling....i can´t even begin to owerhelming that is! I´m humble front of it.
That was my dream, to be able to help. To be able to  encourage, support. And now, i have done that. I said before, one is enought. Now, two, three..more.

Not because i want to feel good. No. Because i know, what that panic is and there is ways to win it. Never give up in this life (or next).

I my heart, there´s so warm feeling. I truly smile now, feel like i have fulfills the task that i was ment to do here.

Best part? I have so much to share, still! So, maybe...even more can get something from my experience....Small wish. :)

But, truly. I´m out of words. This feeling is so overwhelming. This is why I love blogging. his is why I write. This is my job here. And i feel it inside. I love it. :)

I just want to shout: love you all! :D

Now i have to start to look some clothes. I go one concert in evening. Not just any concert! It´s big, there´s so much people in the audience. That´s so awesome. Those, who perform, one of them is my childhood...well, even thought not my blood but still, family. My fathers best friend. Great person. Awesome musician. Wiht him there´s also soooo mush artist to honor one great Finnish artist, who past away couple years away. One after my dad. Also my dad knew this artist well. They were all looking like same :D rock and country. And i have great honor to be in backstage. More intesinve. To be able to see those real feelings, artists in their work....that´s a great feeling.

Tonight..I know, I´m gonna cry. I´m gonna laught. I´m gonna feel so much. And I´m waiting for it. Tomorrow, i know I´m tired, but happy.

. My place feel everything between heaven and earth with these artist.

With love

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