torstai 10. lokakuuta 2013

Weard world

Really, in these days! Looking at news, economy is gone bad. People are fighting, Killing each others. job's are lost. There's hunger, mother nature Makes her job, too. Sometimes i get so depressed just by watching news.

Is it just me, or has this world changed harder? Am I paying more attention about those things or are we making more damage in these days?

you have to be so effective today. If you are not, Someone else is!
you Need to be busy, have to have hobbies. Latest fashion. And your Free time! Then you just have to be effective! Culture, cleaning, dinners..

Also, eating. Not that normal food, that you use to eat. No , that's not heathy. Some trendi diet is in order.

My point here is: WHAT Happend?

I love home cooked food. Potatos, meat, salad, bread...
I like to relax in sofa. with or without book.
Sometimes i relax With tv, Sometimes i just run as Fast as I can.
Mostly I'm not too busy to Stop and really look my surround.

All that sounds now like life from old times?
And I'm really not that old..

To care, share, take this life as it is..
Where's all the children from yards? Inside, in Conputer or playing.

Oh gosh, maybe im old...

Now, some pizza and Out :))

I wrote this with my phone, if it looks Funny.

with love

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  1. I gave up TV about the time I started getting healthy... I don't miss it... especially the news... I feel like I live in a bubble sometimes... I get my news from people at times... I just never turn the TV on anymore...

    1. You are wise, are! I wanna see thise old movies with happy ending :)

    2. You are wise, are! I wanna see thise old movies with happy ending :)


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