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Pin and win from Ahaishopping & giveaway

As you know, fashion is my passion. And writing, too. So, now I have this great opportunity to execute both!

Ahaishopping is great place to shop. Really. There are beautiful clothes is small price.
 check out ahaishopping here And by beautiful, I do mean beautiful! Whatever your style is, that´s the place to shop. I mean, like I, I love shopping. And I love unique style. These are clothes you dont see in stores!

As you can see, from head to toe everything. And guess what? Free shipping worldwide. 

 Only $9.99 and Free shipping, women clothing, women dresses, women shirts, blouses, women shorts, women skirts, pants, all clothes here are only $9.99, free shipping worldwide, online shopping now Go here to  .$9.99 and free shipping

Here´s  competition:

1. Like us on Facebook: link to like
2. Follow us on Pinterest: from here to Pinterest
3. Repin your favorite pins in the 3 boards listed as bellow to your own pinterest board

4. Find your favorite items from your favorites and pin to your pinterest board, the more the better.

5. Comment your Facebook Name, pinterest board and the favorite items' url links on my blog.
So you have a chamge to win those, what you want :)

They will, in Ahai, choose two best pinners as their winners after 3 weeks.

It is an international giveaway opened for worldwide

And FREE shipping! :)))

Nothing to loose, only something to win!!!!

So, pin and win! Go for it, and good luck for you, have fun :)

with love

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