perjantai 25. lokakuuta 2013

let it flow

Today I was walking with one of my dogs. I do that often, that´s not new, but today we went one new place. Amazing nature park, outdoor sports. So, kind of new place for me, too. First we both were kind of lost. Both me and dog.

"What is this place, where are we?" So many small paths in the middle of forest. I looked at Vilma, my dog, and her eyes said: dont worry, lets have adventure now. We are ok, we will find our way back.

So, we started to walk. Usually i have my Heart Rate Monitor on, and i want my pulse to stay above 120, so the most effective.

Now, I started to see those trees. Beautiful, big trees. High and strong. Green shades everywhere. Vilma was sooooo full of life. I couldn´t help myself, just had to smile. As a pair, we walked deep in forest. Some traces, didnt know, what animal...maybe fox. Sun come to us, throught those trees. Warming, giving us light to our path.

After one hour we saw familiar road, and our car. Also small lake near by. I thought, that Vilma wanted to drink, but after we arrived there, she jumped straight in the lake!

All my instincts were open, i felt the wind. Saw, really saw that place, smelled all that smells in Autumn forest. I truly let that energy flow trought my body. I was like new, improved me!

When you go somewhere, just let it flow...that great energy, what you have inside. Today my dod, Vilma, showed me that way again. We had fun :)

With love

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  1. Sometimes it takes something other than ourselves to show us the and fun pup!

    1. You are so right Billy, and she was smarter than me :) she knew what we need!

  2. I have been reading Maarit... just not commenting, I had to take a break... I am going to be slowing it down a bit but I will always read what you write girl :)

    1. Launna!! :))) I totally undestand, I can feel you still here :) You are in my heart... It´s good to take brake, slow down... I´m here and in FB, not gonna let you go ;)


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