keskiviikko 2. lokakuuta 2013

In sofa

Here I am, at sofa with my phone. Writing. This is so much more than phone :D
In Finland evenings are dark again, that's so good after long summer.  Ok, I like summer bit it's just so hard to sleep when siin doesn't go down at all. Now I'm enjoying bright night sky.
Last night I went walk. At 8pm it's already dark. Where I live, there's not much house's, traffic or people. Forest and small sand roads. From my house to "bigger" Road is about 2km. And that"bigger"Road is actually small country Road. No lights in 8km.

So, I put my shoes on and flash light in my hand on of I go. Yep, first 200 meters went ok. then I lost the lights of my house. Big woods, siluet's in high above. Then some small sound, like wood stick break. was that??? I ran 2km so fast. I saw... in my mind... big wolf behind me.

I saw some shadow one week ago, big dog, tail down.
And I wasn't alone so other witness, too. Wolf. 

I remembered that on my walk. Good thing to remember when you are alone in woods, and your imagination is active!! I can assure you that I made some kind of record there, when I was running! :D after I made it in that bigger Road.... My Flash light....yep.... losing power. So, my light was turning down bit by bit....darkness around me... noises...omg, NOT nice anymore. Looking back, running a head... what wad that? Eyes? F#$@k...I actually ran 5km, then I saw familiar car and got ride to home.

imagination is good thing, unless you are alone in dark woods.....

:D I learned my lesson. That is: don't think, just walk.  And check batteries ALWAYS from flashlight. ALWAYS. 

With love

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  1. WOW Maarit... you are braver than me... I would not walk in the pitch black... I'm kn the city, do there are lots of lights ;-)


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