keskiviikko 16. lokakuuta 2013

driving in darkness

And I mean that, literally ;). But not in a bad way! No.
First, yipii!!! I found my sportfly again! So, I have been in gym and running a lot. And let me tell you, feeling gooood!

About that gym, i rather go in late evening (some call it night) than daytime. Sounds weard? Maybe, but then there is actually only 1-2 people and me. Sometimes I´m alone. And I like that, when I workout.
I´m there doing just that, wortkout and that´s it. In daytime, there`s such a fuzz!! Younger people are posing eachothers etc. And I mean that in good! That belongs in gyms, and to a certain age. Me, I´m a bit older and kind of hermit ;D. After 10pm, that´s my time.

It´s just, i have to drive 80km(49mile) just to get there and back. Joys of living in country ;) Byt that I do with pleasure! I just love to drive, any time anywhere.

Last night, i left about 9.30pm to drive. It´s so dark here now, and crazy time with deers and mooses. Hunting time, so they are restless. That road, that i normally use, was cut, they are fixing the bridge and all road is cut. Tells you something how deep in country i live...because that bridge is so small, but our only "bigger" road goes from there. And that bigger is actually small country road.

That circuitous route is so much smaller, and not so good shape. It´s narrow, the trees are growing close to that road so thickset, that you dont see nothing but mass of trees and some bushes. There are not houses in that road, just dark woods, and you.

Even i have small extra lights in my car, it is so dark, when dark asphalt sucks all light to itself. There´s curves all around, and you cant see, where that nect curve takes you. In my car´s headlights i can see leafs rolling in road, bunnys humping here and, wanting to  hunt them..full moon..shape of those awesome trees, small lake, named fishless -moon, relflecting it´s light from there ..and just me, driving. Beautiful! Like I´m in middle of some fairytale! No cars, nothing...Just that incredibly beautiful moment in night. And I smile. I do enjoy it.

I wish, i could share that feeling, that sight from that road with you better. Just so...poetic..

Ok, last night i was at home 2.15am...soo late. I had to look for those deers and took longer route :D maybe little earlier is better..anyway.

with love

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  1. Oh my Maarit.. I would think it was too scary to drive without the light ;-)

    1. :D You know Launna, I think that I´m weard one, loving driving in dark ;)

  2. Hello my Dear friend! Nice to read your blogg again! Havent been reading bloggs for a while. Take care!


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