maanantai 28. lokakuuta 2013

coffee making CAN be hard...

I have this great coffeemaker, it grind the beans and makes that great coffee. There´s also option for drip coffee, which i use time to time. And today, i wanted just drip coffee.

In that coffee maker, beans are always in top of that machine.
There, that machine. If i dont push one button that tells that machine, that i want drip coffee, it automatically makes it from beans.
So, i put normal coffee in filter and pushed on-button. Oh s**t, it started to make those beans...forgot to push one button. STOP!!!! Great move. Now i had normal AND bean coffee. I try to make 4 cups, theres 8 cups coffee in filter. Ok, i let´s try, to take some of it away and just continue. Aaaand again. This great when it grinds beans...oh fu***%¤(&T!!!! It started again, frm the beginning.
And this is not machines falt, it just does what I order. So, I put more water. You choose, before you start to make coffee, how many cups you want. I had 4 there. Coffee for, i dont know, lost count already...water for 4. So, I add some water. For 8 cups. But my machine really is put for working in 4. I´m sure, that it laughts at me!!!
Ok, I let it just go and we will see....tea???? Somehow there were just 4 coffee and 8 water!?
All away, and with thought...2 cups, with beans. Done. Now I have good, bean coffee...after hard work! Not too easy always...
with love

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